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WG 05 INDIMO - CCC Workshops area INDIMO Co-creation Community - Open Corner In this open corner members can explore the INDIMO Co-creation Community Working Group and get to know the ETM Forums functions. All important information and links regarding to the co-creation process can be found in the content below.
Welcome to the INDIMO Co-creation Community [[WG 05] - INDIMO Co-Creation Community] (5)
Workshop 3 - Evaluation of the Policy Evaluation Tool [WG 05 INDIMO - CCC Workshops area] (1)
Workshop 2 - Validation of the Universal Design Manual [WG 05 INDIMO - CCC Workshops area] (2)
Open discussions on inclusive digital mobility solutions ( 2 ) [[WG 05] - INDIMO Co-Creation Community] (24)
Online collective research: What is the lifespan of an icon? [WG 05 INDIMO - CCC Workshops area] (4)
Workshop 1 - Identification of barriers for the design, planning, deployment and operation of an inclusive digital transport system [WG 05 INDIMO - CCC Workshops area] (6)