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Are "living labs" relevant for the co-creation of mobility solutions?


(Alain L'Hostis) #1

Living labs are very fashionable nowadays in the domain of research. For instance the JPI Urban Europe is strongly supporting the development of living labs as instruments to ease urban transitions.
But living labs are also pretty much structured and follow rather strict definitions, if we consider the criteria used by the European network of Living Labs ENOLL.
Are living labs relevant instruments for the co-creation of mobility solutions? Can a panels of users ready for prototype testing be considered as a true co-creation process? Said differently what in mobility living labs corresponds to true co-creation processes?

(Imre Keseru) #2

Just posted this in another topic:
The latest issue of the EPOMM Newsletter was about living labs in mobility. It’s an interesting read:

I think the idea behind living labs is good i.e. real involvement of citizens, industry and policy makers, but very often living labs end up as top-down research pilots. This may be due to little interest from the citizens and stakeholders, insufficient tools to reach and engage citizens or no ‘ownership’ of the living labs by the citizens.