European Transport and Mobility Forum

Are you interested? Proposal for an invited session at the Transport Research Arena 2020 conference on co-creation

(Imre Keseru) #1

Dear All,

As a continuation of our collaboration on co-creation , we would like to propose an invited session on co-creation at the TRA2020 conference in Helsinki on 27–30 April 2020 as an activity of the Working Group “Co-Creating Our Future Mobility System” of the European Transport and Mobility Forum.

We would like to bring together EU-funded (or other) projects to continue our discussion on the barriers and drivers of applying co-creation in transport planning.

The more projects we have that support this proposal, the stronger it is. Therefore I would like to ask you to consider supporting the attached Proposal for invited session at TRA2020 in Helsinki_draft.pdf (143.8 KB) proposal, and get back to me if you can support it as organisers, moderators and presenters. Please also let me know if you are aware of other relevant projects that we could invite.

The deadline for submission is 1 October, therefore please let me know if you are interested (and your comments) by 26 September . You can email me at