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Article on Seamless Ticketing Start-Up


(Christine Zeller) #1

First comment from my side on our group work in Brussels. We then could not find a business case for private investors to foster seamless transport as such. Last weekend there was an interesting arcticle in a German newspaper (sorry, attachment is German) on a guy who founded a start-up to develop a solution for seamless ticketing in Europe.

Earnings come from a commission from the transport providers, where partnerships have already been established. Let’s see, if the model will be successful. Perhaps he will be one of these private investors :grinning:

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(Rebecca Hueting) #2

Dear Christine,

I find the article very interesting.

Could you please attach here the file as pdf? I would like to translate it and look for more material about it or other similar projects.

(Christine Zeller) #3

Dear Rebecca,
I am afraid I just have this jpg as I have made the photo when I had that newspaper in my hand. The jpg should be downloadable. At least I can. Otherwise I can send the jpg via Email.