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The ETM Forum brings together all relevant stakeholders of transport of passengers and freight and of sectors beyond the traditional transport industry as, e.g. smart systems, energy, data and service (from academia, industry, policy, users, operators etc.). The ETM Forum especially targets to include representatives of user organizations and connect them with the stakeholders that develop and provide transport solutions and also policy makers.

The ETM Forum established an online collaboration platform to provide a central portal for information, communication and collaboration between stakeholders in the network as well as an entry point for newcomers. Join the ETM Forum through this online portal. You will be required to fill your user profile and to provide a statement on your activities and the reasons why you would engage in the ETM Forum. The ETM Forum can only excel through its active members. Therefore you will have to let the ETM Forum know how you intend to contribute to its activities. Based on this information, the ETM Forum will evaluate your membership application.

Further details on membership can be found in the Statutes (now as PDF draft version) and in the ETM Forum website.