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Call for papers AESOP2019 special session - VENICE


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The Annual Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) will take place in Venice, Italy between 9-13 July 2019 . The Learning Loops in the Public Realm (LOOPER) ( project is organising a special session on learning loops in co-creation to improve public spaces in cities focusing on the use of participatory sensing to identify problems and online and offline participation tools for co-creation in multiple domains (transport, air pollution, urban design).

Please find below the detailed description of the session. For more information visit the website of the conference (

Special session 14: Learning loops in the public realm


Massimiliano Condotta (IUAV – Italy)

Joe Ravetz (University of Manchester, Centre for Urban Resilience – UK)

Imre Keseru (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, MOBI Research Centre – Belgium)

New digital data collection and collaboration tools promise to enhance public participation. They can help to identify and monitor problems that contemporary cities and territories are facing through participatory sensing; citizens can indicate issues in the public realm by geotagging tools; digital visualisation platforms may contribute to a better understanding of the problems and can create awareness of significant challenges caused by climate change. Online idea generation platforms provide a virtual space for citizens to propose and discuss ideas to improve their surroundings, while stakeholder-based multi-criteria analysis can improve their understanding of preferences of the stakeholders for each of the proposed solutions. These tools, in combination with traditional methods (e.g. traditional community planning, design workshops) enable ‘learning loops’ i.e. new ways of decision-making that bring together citizens, stakeholders and policy-makers to iteratively learn how to address urban challenges in cities and neighbourhoods in transition. It is, however, still unclear how these new tools can enhance the co-creation process in community based practices and to what extent they can help people, communities and policy-makers ‘learn’ about this problem or solution.

This special session is organised by the partners of the LOOPER (Learning Loops in the Public Realm) project funded by JPI Urban Europe, which is developing a methodology and online platform for co-creation using the learning loop concept.

The detailed programme of the session will be published in June.

We and hope to see you in Venice!

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LOOPER special session at AESOP 2019

The LOOPER consortium organised a well-attended special session at the annual conference of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) held in Venice between 2-6 July 2019.

Nine presentations about co-creation in urban planning were given during the special session titled ‘Enabling social learning in communities to tackle the challenges of cities in transition’. Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Condotta from IUAV and Dr. Imre Keserü from VUB acted as session chairs.

The presentations included topics such as triple-loop social learning in Albania, energy policies, participatory cost-benefit analysis, and evidence-based urban development. Sister projects SUNRISE and Cities 4 People were also represented.