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Cargo-drones: is freight delivery a viable business? Is it sustainable?


(Rebecca Hueting) #1

Dear @WG3_Seamless_Transport members,

here a second brand new topic.

Talking about Drone Delivery as a viable business: I totally see the opportunities, especially for remote areas or urgent deliveries. But concerning the claimed “lower environmental impact”, I have more than several skeptic remarks:

  • “user need” vs “cutting costs”
  • noise pollution (and visual pollution)
  • privacy
  • job losses
  • accidents

In a more comprehensive and wholistic perspective, beyond economics, do you think it is a truly viable and sustainable new business?

Here are three inputs for the discussion, hope to receive more from you:

  1. An enthusiastic video from The Verge

  2. the “European Outlook Study 2016”, published by SESAR JU (especially from page 62)

  3. The “Public Perception of Drone Delivery in the United States” RARC Report (RARC-WP-17-001)