European Transport and Mobility Forum

ETM Forum at the European Research and Innovation Days

(Imre Keseru) #1

The ETM Forum was represented at the European Research and Innovation Days on 26 September 2019 in Brussels.
Dr. Imre Keseru , leader of working group 2 was invited to discuss the involvement of citizens and users in research at a panel discussion Clean and affordable energy and mobility for citizens together with Chris Foulds (Anglia Ruskin University) – co-lead of EC-funded ENERGY-SHIFTS platform;
Robert Braun (Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna) Coordinator the NewHoRRIzon project and
Prof. Marianne Ryghaug (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) - from the ENERGY Shifts project.

The session provided a forum for promoting citizens’ involvement and engagement in generating a shared vision of future research and innovation priorities around energy and mobility challenges, encouraging, cultivating and driving responsible research and innovation practices across Europe.

Imre has advocated the increased involvement of citizens in research and innovation activities and added that citizen involvement needs to be part of project proposals already at the concept stage. Citizens need to participate throughout the development of a project or program, from problem identification all the way to monitoring and evaluation. In addition, citizens should not only be used as subjects of data collection: citizens should be able to define what data is needed to best address their concerns, and collect such data themselves.

You can watch a video recording of the session here:



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