European Transport and Mobility Forum

Follow-up WG3 activities in 2019

(Marcia Urban) #1

Working Group 3 “Viable business for seamless transport” focusses on an ideal future transport system which will allow all citizens to travel seamlessly and easily from any place in Europe to another in a reasonable timespan and by utilising multiple modes of transport as well as active mobility.

After the end of the Mobility4EU project, WG3 continued its work on collecting best practices and to discuss and develop potential solutions towards a truly seamless transport system. The working group planned for 2019 to foster the exchange with MaaS alliance and ETPs such as ALICE to define common strategies and roadmaps, to collaborate on a position paper on intermodal and user-centred EU transport and to promote this position paper.

Following up these targets, WG3 achieved the following:

  • The aspect of MaaS and the need for viable business models for seamless transport in EU in general has been addressed in a ETM Forum position paper with input from all three working groups. This position paper is currently finalised and will be shared with all ETM Forum members within the next weeks.

  • Several discussions on sustainable busines models, the case of viable business approaches for urban air mobility applications, initiatives on several single ticketing platforms and other joint initiatives have been discussed within the general discussion area of WG3.

  • Furthermore, WG3 continously scans potential occasions for a workshop on MaaS and viable business approaches beginning of next year.

  • The number of members of the working group has grown since the initiation of the ETM Forum. Currently, we count 16 members in WG3.

And the exchange and work within the working group continues:
If you are interested, please engage in the prioritisation of topics to be discussed first in WG3. You find a survey for topic prioritisation in the public area within the Forum.