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Good practice guides on improving transport accessibility

(Erzsebet Foldesi) #1

I attach two good practice guides on how to improve access to public transport, though they are from 2004 and 2006. Do you know about newer ones?
1.) In 2004 a publication ‘Improving access to public transport’ was issued with good practices on how national governments can contribute to the implementation of better accessibility by setting a legal and regulatory framework that facilitates better co-ordination and collaboration among actors at a local level.
The publication contains some excerpts of cities’ guidelines on physical accessibility, on information provision, etc. but also gives good examples on co-operation of the cities with disabled persons organisations from the start of the planning and design progress. The publication raises the issue of transport infrastructure and vehicle design, information about services and information while using a service. Please have a look at the publication and let us discuss your opinion about the publication.

  1. ) In 2006 the European Conference of Ministers of Transport issued a publication on Improving Transport Accessibility for All - Guide to Good Practices. It covers principles for provision of information generally, how to improve user information regarding the road and pedestrian environment, how to improve information provided within transport infrastructure, how to improve information provided relative to transport vehicles, new and innovative transport services, and private cars, and the roles of government. Do you think that solutions mentioned in the guide are to be considered after 12 years of their publication?