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Good practices in rural mobility


(Alain L'Hostis) #1

Worth mentioning here a list of good practices of mobility solutions in rural areas in Europe, selected by the ongoing project SMARTA:

What are our views on this cases wearing our “user centric” glasses?

(Erzsebet Foldesi) #2

Hi Alain,
I think the good pratices you shared with us are very interesting. As a first I randomly read the Irish good practice. The summary does not include in detail that how users were were involved in planning of the transport services neither it tells about the accessibility for transport vehicles and service used.
But it underlines that the good coordination of available services open to all users and services exclusively for specific groups gives further travel choice and options to passengers in local communities and can respond to wider range of passengers than separately. And here I would emphasize the bigger choice of travel modes (shared, public transport, door-to-doort, etc.) that contributes to a more user-centric tranport service.