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"How far is Europe from the mobility goals envisioned for the future?" TRA2020 invited session


(Rebecca Hueting) #1

Dear ETM Forum members,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the TRA2020 web invited session organised by the OPTICS2, CAMERA and RINGO CSAs:

"How far is Europe from the mobility goals envisioned for the future?"

22nd June 2020, 15:00 – 16:30 CET

The session will be aimed at answering questions like “are EU research and initiatives on the right trajectory to reach long-term goals in the mobility sector?” and “How can synergies with other transport domains be fostered?” If you are willing to share your opinions and thoughts with the experts that are addressing these questions, this interactive session is designed to value your contributions. The session will be introduced by Andrea Gentili from the European Commission After him, an overview on the goals, synergies of the three CSAs (OPTICS2, CAMERA and RINGO) will pave the way to the interactive session in which the participants will provide feedback on the gaps, bottlenecks, enablers they identify in mobility research. In the final roundtable consultation, representatives of the three projects will discuss the outcomes of the interactive session along with the main key issues emerged from the CSAs results.

Here you can find the final agenda and the link to the registration form. We would kindly ask you to register as soon as possible in order to give us the possibility to set up the conference web tools appropriately.

We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop.

@Annika @Ulrike @Marcia