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Identifying success factors and creating value


(Marcia Urban) #1

Siemens and HaCon have conducted a webinar on April 22, 2020 on the topic of MaaS and ways to identify success factors and to create value for the customer. Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Three major topics in relation to MaaS were discussed: trip planning, customer communication and provider management.

  • Key MaaS stakeholders are passengers, mobility providers and cities.

  • Information is the foundation of MaaS: Shared mobility only accounts for a share of 1% of total transport services in an urban area. Thus, public transport is the backbone of urban mobility systems. A trip not found will not be sold. Intermodal trip planning and information are the foundation of a MaaS platform.

  • Customers expect a seamless user experience: Minimizing information and increasing the value of information is crucial for the communication with the customer. Planning, booking, payment and information need to happen within one app. All stakeholders need to support such a tight integration through their APIs. Of not already implemented, now is the time to introduce mobile ticketing amid the COVID-19 crisis and its implications on (public) transport processes.

  • MaaS opens up new communication potential: 80% of all customers will answer if the will be asked questions. Customers will feel better when having the opportunity to respond and comment on new mobility solutions. MaaS allows engagement with clients on a much broader and deeper level.

  • Mind the technical integration effort: MaaS brings many players together. Efficient integration is indispensable for a cost-effective and stable operation.

  • Market places to share data generated from transportation will gain importance.

  • Improvements of public transit becomes more crucial in the aftermath of COVID-19 in order to win back customers for public transport.

Do you have further success factors of MaaS in mind which go beyond the topics addressed here?
Feel free to share your thoughts on these findings and discuss with us what it takes to create sustainable customer value from MaaS solutions!