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Important update about Trust Levels


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:sunny: Dear ETM Forum members,

today we would like to thank you all once againg for joining the ETM Forum and share with you an important update. Our community has been growing continuously and cooperation among its members did too. This is why we decided to move forward and revise our internal rules about Trust Levels.



Until now all new members were automatically assigned Trust Level 1 and needed to go through a test and reward period, based on key indicators such as “total reading time” or “number of likes left” before they could reply to topics or create new ones. In our opinion this system, despite preventing unpredictable behaviours from newcomers, was not organic to our intention of offering an open space for discussion in this virtual interdisciplinary setting.

From now on all subscribed members with Trust Level 1 or above, will be able to reply and post new topics in all ETM Forum’s open categories and Working Groups. Still, some categories are locked for the sake of manageability and to provide a separate space for @BOARD members discussions. The reward system is still in place and the more badges you gain the sooner you’ll get the rights to create your own Categories and Sub-Categories or propose a new Working Group and be its leader.

You can read the full draft of our Statutes to know what they’re about and how the old rules were “enforced” by .


Leave us your feedback, answers will be anonymous:

  • Yes, thanks to this update I think I will participate more in discussions and try the new features from now on
  • No, I am not interested in participating actively, I am here just to read contents and meet other mobility stakeholders

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