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We can find many experiences of co-creation of mobility systems, as can be seen in the replies to this post in the forum.

Nevertheless, as a fashionable keyword, co-creation is sometimes used a bit too extensively. In order to define more precisely what we call “co-creation” in the framework of this forum I think It would be good to investigate the types, the modalities of the co-creation processes.

  • Is it impulsed by users, citizens, or is it proposed by industry, by research institutions, by local governments?
  • Is it a patronizing approach where needs are defined by experts, or not?
  • Is it simply exploiting user data or based on voluntary geographic information (VGI)?
  • etc.

How co-creation occurs in the experiences you are aware of? What are the modalities of the involvement of the users/citizens/contributors?

Good practices of co-creation of mobility solutions?
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I will synthetise here the outcomes of the discussions in the forum that detail the modalities of co-creation, with links to posts. I propose the following typology for the modalities of participation. Anyone may complete, amend, develop this post, as I’ve made it wiki. Further discussion on how we can make the wiki better: here

Type of co-creation Examples (links to posts in the ETMForum)
Using citizen data (with their consent)
  1. MEL case exploiting bike GPS tracks

  2. Another example?

Citizen sensing data in participatory science approaches (e.g. Volunteered Geographic Data)
  1. NoiseCapture , a sound collection smartphone app

  2. NOISETUBE, another sound collection smartphone app

  3. Another example?

Citizens direct contribution to problem enunciating and solving (e.g. Volunteered Geographic Data and GIS)
  1. Roma case with a participatory GIS
  2. Barcelona case
  3. the SUNRISE European project (but is it only problem enunciating?),
  4. the LOOPER European project
  5. Another example?
Citizens in focus groups for the design of solutions
  1. Loos-en-Gohelle case
  2. MUV project in Barcelona
  3. the CIPTEC project with eight co-creation workshops in European cities
  4. Another example?

Citizen observatories: can we involve citizens in data collection to solve their problems?
Good practices of co-creation of mobility solutions?
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