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Online collective research: What is the lifespan of an icon?


(Rebecca Hueting) #1

Universal Design and Design for All definitions both include the idea that all products and services should be designed so that all people should able to understand, use and enjoy products and services at the highest extent and without meeting barriers.

When it comes to the design of pictograms, icons and symbols the issue becomes tricky, since the meaning of the message can be interpreted quite differently when the context changes.They are extensively used in wayfinding and signage, where the context is apparently the same for all receivers. Receivers, despite their mutual differences, are surrounded by it.

EXERCISE #1) In the well known context of an airport, can you describe what are the specific characteristics/conditions of the receivers that may influence their interpretation of pictograms, icons and symbols?

(Rebecca Hueting) #2

What is multimodality when speaking about information provided by user interfaces?

  • when more than one modality is available for the channel (e.g. output can be visual, haptic or auditory)
  • when, within a channel, a particular piece of information is represented in more than one modality (e.g. the command to open a file can be spoken or typed)

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Hi Rebecca, I voted in the…and it is visible for everyone?

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