European Transport and Mobility Forum

Open Tasks in WG3

(Marcia Urban) #1

There are several open tasks to be finalised before the ETM Forum platform will be published by the end of February:

  1. Create content and engage in the discussions on the working group objectives as well as topics you would like to discuss within working group 3

  2. Definition of content available in the public area of our working group:
    From my perspective, this content should reflect the ongoing work within our working group as well as planned participation at conferences or workshops. The more posts we create in the next weeks, the more content we have available from which we can select posts and discussions valuable to be placed in the public area.

  3. Collection of potential 2019 events where we as working group 3 could participate and engage in the discussions.

  4. Thinking of potential information and content for an intro page on working group 3
    Currently, we have the post “About the [WG3] Viable business for seamless transport category” post where some information about the overall topic is described, based on the afternoon session at TUCTE 2018. This could be a basis for creating an informative intro page for [WG3] which invites prospective members to join and engage.

Please feel free to provide your view on these open tasks or open new posts to work on one of the tasks and start discussing about with the other working group 3 members.