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Opportunity Map

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Oct 9, 2017 · 2 min read

Mobility4eu is working on delivering a vision for the European transport system in 2030 and an action plan, including a roadmap, to implement that vision. This work is being carried out within a structured participative approach for stakeholder consultation and a series of interactive workshops employing visualization techniques.

The ongoing work towards that vision and action plan is based on the identification and assessment of societal challenges, requirements and needs that will influence future transport demand and supply. This led to the definition of 9 trends shaping the future European transport system.

These trends have been described in a comprehensive report and set into context to the transport system in 2030 within a context map interactively generated with stakeholders from all fields in transport and mobility.

The research on trends and their impact on mobility, the structured participative discussions with stakeholders on needs for European transport in 2030 and the investigation of stakeholder objectives by using a stepwise and scientifically sound approach (Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis — MAMCA ) led to the definition of 15 user needs setting the requirements on mobility and transport in Europe in 2030.


Together with European experts from all fields in transport of passengers and freight, a portfolio of 93 promising and innovative transport solutions across all modes answering the identified user needs has been composed. These include solutions in concept or research state but also recently implemented ones that need to be supported for advancing technologies or products and for wider deployment.


The opportunity map gives a comprehensive view on the portfolio of solutions across all modes. It visualizes the connections between solutions and user needs in 1 matrix for each transport mode (air, waterborne, road, rail) and 2 for the multimodal fields (urban and freight transport). Finally, one matrix on “all modes” shows solutions that relate to all of the four transport modes. The last visualization of the opportunity map analyses user needs which could be met through collaboration across modes.

Download the full report here.