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Public Transport "teaming-up" in Germany to offer joint platform and single ticketing


(Marcia Urban) #1

The initiative “Mobility Inside” aims to offer a joint platform where customers have access to the services of eleven public transport service providers in basically all urban areas across Germany. The platform enables the customers to buy tickets for each public transport area without the requirement of having eleven individual PT apps on the smart phone. Furthermore, only one user account is necessary. This improves the first and last mile when travelling between two cities.

Do you know of comparable initiatives in other European cities?
Do you think this will improve the way we as PT users can access and use the system?

(Freek Bos) #2

Hi Marcia,

The OV-Chipkaart (public transport chipcard) is a payment methode accepted by all public transport operators in The Netherlands. Off course this isn’t an app. Comparable to Mobility Inside is Tranzer ( which can be used in all Dutch trains, all internation trains in Europe, 7 pt-operators in The Netherlands and De Lijn (Flemish busses and trams) in Belgium

(Marcia Urban) #3

Interesting, thank you very much for this input Freek!

It seems like there are several national attempts across Europe towards harmonising public transport. The next step then would be to transfer this to a European level.