European Transport and Mobility Forum

SPROUT HUB 1 - Urban mobility transition inventory


(Imre Keseru) #1

The goal of SPROUT is to generate innovative policy responses to the challenges presented by the emergence of digitally-enabled business models, new mobility patterns and corresponding travel behaviour, pursuing a city-led approach.

This discussion hub is built around work package 2 of the project, which proposes an inventory of the factors that are used by each of the SPROUT cities as a common framework to collect and integrate data in order to construct a comprehensive overview of their respective current and future mobility status, and to understand as well as to anticipate the urban mobility transition. The inventory is used by 1st and 2nd layer SPROUT cities to collect and structure the data that will form the core of deliverables resulting from task 2.2: ‘Current state of mobility’ and task 2.3 ‘Urban mobility transition drivers’.