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Support by the government for the development of a MAAS ecosystem


(Thierry Coosemans) #1

The authorities should not incentivise

(Thierry Coosemans) #2

They should , but only limited

(Teresa de la Cruz) #3

Authorities should push towards the usage of open standards and promoting interoperability

(Rebecca Hueting) #4

In my opinion Maas should not be incentivized economically, but pilot-tests and start-ups should receive support and free/cheaper legal advice from public authorities, at a local, regional, national or european level depending on the business model proposed, especially concerning regulatory barriers towards implementation.

(Rebecca Hueting) #5

I would like members (including myself :sweat_smile:) to share always sources, examples and quotes together with my comments, in order to foster a fruitful discussion and connection to scientific contents.

(Freek Bos) #6

Is there a level playing field in MaaS if a public transport operator has gains from a franchise and use that gains for his own MaaS-service? Should a government take action on that?