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Transport Accessibility

(Marcia Urban) #1

Accessibility to transport solutions is a crucial aspect for a seamless transport system. Recent studies provide insights in the current situation of accessibility to transport on different levels such as global, European or regional.

Factors such as travel cost, travel speed, connectivity (urban/rural areas), barrier-free access and many more are applied to investigate accessibility to transport.

The European Accessibility Act from 2015 has the objective to improve the implementation of accessible products and services, including transport services, within Europe.

With regards to air transport, accessibility in terms of transport link to or from an airport is an issue when addressing the Flightpath 2050 objective to provide 4-hour door-to-door travel for 90% of all journey within Europe until 2050. Transport connections to the airport and from the airport to the final destination have a certain potential to optimisation, especially on short-haul flights within Europe. Thus, improved transport connections between the starting location respectively final destination of an air passenger is crucial to meet the 4-hour door-to-door objective.

The Dataset2050 CSA project performed a data-driven approach to EU door-to-door mobility involving air transport. The results comprise studies on reachability of airports in regards to time and costs. Interactive maps on these results can be found here:

Are there any experiences or information about general accessibility of transport solutions as well as accessibility between different modes of transport?

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