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U-MOB LIFE Project: Reducing CO2 emission from university mobility


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U-MOB LIFE Project: Reducing CO2 emission from university mobility

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Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read

by U-MOB Project team

Leading universities in Europe have increased their awareness on their impact on CO2 emissions and other hazardous particles due to staff and students commuting, and they have understood their potential for changing mobility planning and the behavior of their university community. Indeed, some of them are developing a new professional figure: the sustainable mobility manager.

Although many universities have been working on sustainability issues, differences in the institutionalization of mobility planning remain wide between and within countries. In the best case scenario, only state level networks of universities get to share these actions. Consolidating this professional figure is even tougher when no structured training materials are available for university managers deciding to do something about mobility planning.

The U-MOB LIFE Project

U-MOB LIFE is an European project funded by the European Commission under the LIFE programme. It is aimed at the creation of a university network to facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge about sustainable mobility best practices among European universities.

The new European Network of Universities for Sustainable Mobility was officially launched in Barcelona in March 2017, during the 1st European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities. This network enables the transfer of knowledge and good practices between mobility managers from different universities across the whole continent, and the initiative was warmly welcomed, with more than 50 universities adhered so far.

The members of the Network will have access to an online training course for sustainable mobility managers, as well as to a catalogue of best practices on sustainable mobility from the campus perspective. Universities will be capable of making a difference in planning for sustainable mobility within their urban areas, causing positive impacts such as easing traffic congestion, reducing the emission of polluting gases and noise, and decreasing risks for health.

Universities aware of their mobility impact warmly invited to join and take advantage of the shared materials of this new Network. Also, following the success of the first edition in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, worldwide universities are invited to participate in the II Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities that will be hosted by the Polytechnic University of Cracow in March 14th-15th 2019.


MyCorridor was selected among many to exhibit a poster during Mobility4EU public event TUCTE18, held on the 13th of November 2018 in Brussels.

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