European Transport and Mobility Forum

Viable Business for Seamless Transport - Report on WG3 Activities


(Marcia Urban) #1

WG3 “Viable business for seamless transport” focusses on an ideal future transport system which will allow all citizens to travel seamlessly and easily from any place in Europe to another in a reasonable timespan and by utilising multiple modes of transport as well as active mobility.

During the final TUCTE conference, activities of WG3 were kicked off in round table discussions on the following topics:

  1. interaction among modes and the value of cross-cooperation and cross-fertilisation
  2. business models for seamless mobility
  3. feasible pathways towards technology implementation fostering seamless mobility

Major outcomes of the group discussions dealt with the following improvements as well as challenges of a truly seamless transport system:

  • potential increase in service levels and competition from market entry of new actor expected
  • shared liabilities and common legal / regulatory framework crucial
  • data security, transparency and privacy major challenges towards a common data sharing platform
  • need for stronger support and incentives for research and testing of MaaS applications
  • improved accessibility of transport solutions in rural areas

Following up on the initial discussions, WG3 will continue its work on collecting best practices and to discuss and develop potential solutions towards a truly seamless transport system.

If you are interested, please engage in the prioritisation of topics to be discussed first in WG3. You find a survey for topic prioritisation in the public area within the Forum.