Welcome to ETMF, the European Transport and Mobility Forum


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The ETMF serves the promotion and implementation of sustainable user-centered and multi-/cross-modal transport in Europe. To achieve this, the ETMF strives to bring together representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups in the field of transport of people and freight in all modes. Focus hereby is to include representatives of user organizations and connect them with the stakeholders developing and providing transport solutions and also policy. Thus, the ETMF will give a voice to users. Furthermore, the ETMF will involve stakeholders from topics that are horizontal within the field of transportation as e.g. energy, data, automation etc.

The results achieved in the European Coordination and Support Action Mobility4EU that has been funded from the European Commission are the basis of the work of the ETMF. Focus will be on promoting the European Action Plan and Vision for user-centric and cross-modal Transport in 2030 that have been developed in the Mobility4EU project together with a broad stakeholder community.

The ETMF will support the work of related European Technology Platforms and other initiatives being active in the field of transport in terms of bringing the user-centered and multi-/cross-modal viewpoint in discussions and fostering its implementation in novel transport solutions.

Members of the ETMF must be stakeholders in the field of transport (policy makers, research, industry, operators of infrastructure and/or fleets, mobility service providers, user representatives, NGOs). This comprehends transport of people and freight in all modes.

Members can be any kind of public and private legal entities. Applications of entities without separate legal personality will be discussed in the General Assembly and approved by the Board. Natural persons are also welcome as members. Applications of natural persons require a nomination by a member of the ETMF and approval by the Board.

Membership is geographically limited to organisations from the European Union and from its associated states. Exceptions need the explicit approval of the General Assembly.

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Our community is meant to improve mobility in Europe continuously.

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