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Welcome to the future of Mobility!


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Welcome to the future of Mobility!

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Dec 3, 2018 · 3 min read

By Dr. Maria Gkemou, Marianna Devetzoglou, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas/Hellenic Institute of Transport (CERTH/HIT)

Imagine planning, personalising, booking and paying for all your mobility needs in a few clicks and through one platform. This is the future of mobility that Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and MyCorridor aims to bring.

MyCorridor EU funded project aims to provide personalised and multimodal urban, interurban and cross-border mobility services through an all-inclusive one stop shop . To do so, it will promote the replacement of private ownership by private use through a one single payment and Mobility Token mobile app.

Endless mobility possibilities

Through the app, travellers can personalise their MaaS profile, enjoy mobility products configured through dynamic profiling and matchmaking, book and purchase their tickets with confidence and security through a single payment platform, receive one ready-to-validate Mobility Token for all their mobility products on their mobile device, benefit from incentives to collect loyalty points and share their feedback about their MaaS experience. At the same time, travellers can track their trip history, mark their points of interest and save their favourite routes.

At the same time, MyCorridor gives the opportunity to service providers to register their service through the MyCorridor service Alignment Tool and become part of the one-stop-shop while the MaaS aggregators will connect to the platform through its interoperable mechanism.

The innovation

MyCorridor goes one step beyond trip planning by bringing travellers, service providers and MaaS aggregators into one place and providing one Mobility Token for all personalised mobility products in a single payment platform. A mobility platform just for you.

Why now?

  1. A Eurobarometer Survey in 2014 showed that good infrastructure, better connections, and cheaper tickets are the main concerns of EU citizens.

  2. The survey also revealed that convenience is by far the main reason for choosing a specific means of transportation for everyday and long journeys (both 61%), followed by speed (respectively 31% and 41%) and price (12% and 18%).

  3. As technology progresses, EU citizens expect higher quality transport services and better suited to their needs and preferences.

  4. If the means of transport that are available to survey participants were made more efficient overall, they state that they would be more willing to change their mobility habits and their mode of transport (39% willing and 38% very willing).


MyCorridor was selected among many to exhibit a poster during Mobility4EU’s public event TUCTE18, held on the 13th of November 2018 in Brussels.

If you want to know more about the project, watch the video and find a summary of the event and the other project presented at the exhibition of posters here.