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As a main part of the INDIMO co-creation process, the INDIMO Co-creation Community is strongly involved in the development and assessment of the INDIMO Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox. The Co-creation Community consists of user representatives, policy makers, operators as well as software and hardware developers. During a collaboration process containing a set of co-creation workshops, consultations and interviews they provide their expertise to the project outcomes. This ETMF-working group is an integral part of the INDIMO co-creation process. To post replies please join the group here:

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Thank you for joining the INDIMO Co-creation Community and also this forum. As a member of the INDIMO Co-creation Community, you will be closely involved in the project’s activities, and specifically, members of the Co-creation Community will be invited to interviews, online surveys, project events and/or interactive expert workshops. You will be our primary interlocutor in consultation processes. The following workshops are planned during the course of the project:

WS 1 (06th Oct 2020): Identification of barriers for the design, planning, deployment and operation of an inclusive digital transport system
WS 2 (27 May 2021): Validation of the Universal Design Manual
• WS 3 (Sep/Oct 2021): Co-creation of the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool
• WS 4 (Nov/Dec 2021): Finalisation of the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool
• WS 5 (May/June 2022): Assessment of the transferability of INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool

We want to know more about what you would like to contribute to our co-creation process and what you expect from us and the project with regard to our future collaboration. Because for us co-creation is not only about taking, but also about giving. We would therefore appreciate it if you could effort 5 minutes to complete a little survey by following this link.

We thank you in advance and look forward to working with you.

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