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What is the difference between a Group of Users and a Working Group Category?


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In this community we aim at creating opportunities for cooperation.

  1. "Working Groups" (Main WG Category) have been created, in order to classify and easily handle the contents created by a group of members who share the same interest around a specific subject.

  2. "Groups of Users" with the same name of related Working Groups Category have been created to gain access and permissions to Working Groups and find all participants contributing to discussions.

A Board member, elected as specific WG Chairperson, is responsible of the contents posted in that WG Category and all internal Sub-Categories and discussions. The Board member can create new Categories and re-allocate or modify contents.

The same Board member is also the leader of the related “Group of Users”. The WG leader will make sure all WG Group members respect the Code of Conduct in WG discussions.

Being members of a “Group of Users” , i.e. the WG1 Group, means that you will be informed and updated about the related WG category activities and entitled to open Topics.