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What means the JPI Urban idea of "Humanification of cities" in the context of mobility and logistics?


(Alain L'Hostis) #1

The JPI Urban Europe is supporting a strong orientation towards the idea of the “humanification of cities” as shows the title of a JPI coming event and the corresponding call for paper.
What is exactly the meaning of this idea?
More importantly in the context of the ETMForum, what could be the incarnation of the idea in the domains of mobility and logistics?

(Erzsebet Foldesi) #2

**I do think that humanification is about user-centered approach. It also means to have products and services more human. **

The Conference program of JPI Urban Europe refers to the SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities. This SDG goal considers accessibility of not vehicles, infrastructure seperately, but the accessiblity of the city as and organic unit where a community lives and different walks of life happen.**
**One of the targets under SDG 11 goal is to provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport system for all by 2030. The indiciator of this target is the proportion of population that has convenient access to public transport, the data to be collected shall be by sex, age and persons with disabilities. They are the groups of people whosed needs are not really met
by the transport system. **
I think that the work of WG2 but also WG1 can contribute to the humanification of the cities.