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Which objectives do we want to achieve within working group 3 in 2019?

(Marcia Urban) #1

As an initial step for 2019, we should define the objectives for our working group in 2019. From my point of view, the working group should:

  1. research on modal split and mode share (in the urban context) including:
  • analyses of user acceptance (e.g. Conjoint analyses on novel transport solutions) (also [WG2])
  • improvement of transport mode interfaces
  • integration of new mobility concepts and according business models
  • open data/data sharing and legislative requirements
  1. create overview of existing seamless transport solutions and applications

  2. provide a MaaS concept study based on previous research

  3. initiate and foster contact to MaaS alliance

  • Is there already any link?
  • Does anybody know people from the MaaS alliance?
  1. engage in discussions on meetings and conferences
  • Open Mobility Conference 2019
  • ECOMM 2019
  1. organise workshop in BRU to discuss first ideas and steps towards MaaS concept study

I invite all members to discuss/comment/correct the proposed goals and/or to add additional goals you think we as a working group should achieve in 2019.

Looking forward to your contributions!

(Marcia Urban) #2

I have updated the goal and according actions for WG3 in 2019:
Please feel free to comment or add!

What do we want to achieve in 2019?

Fostering collaboration among all transport stakeholders towards the development of a seamless transport system, based on best practices.

How do we achieve these targets?

  • Collect best practice approaches on collaboration in the development of multimodal transport solutions
    • Collect studies and reports on multimodal transport solution development
    • Get in contact with MaaS alliance to discuss state of research, define targets and needs for R&D&I in discussion with a broad audience of stakeholders
  • Provide overview of existing seamless transport solutions and applications
    • Foster implementation of novel transport technologies
  • Collect existing studies on modal split and multimodal transport demand and expectations of various user segments (in urban areas) and transmit this knowledge to a broad audience
  • Engage in discussions on seamless and multimodal transport solutions with transport stakeholders
    • Open Mobility Conference 2019
    • ECOMM 2019
    • Public events EC
    • Workshops and events of other initiatives and/or projects
  • Foster the exchange with MaaS Alliance, ETPs such as ALICE, EC Workshops to define common strategies and roadmaps