European Transport and Mobility Forum

White Paper: Designing a Seamless Integrates Mobility System (SIMSystem)


(Marcia Urban) #1

The System Initiative on Shaping the future of Mobility has published a White Paper focussing on core characteristics which are required to implement seamless integrated mobility such as:

  • integrated
  • smart
  • safe
  • sustainable
  • efficient
  • accessible

They also present a vision of how to achieve a truly seamless integrated mobility. Maybe worth to have a look into the report if you did not yet read through it already:

I also invite you to discuss potential differences to our Action Plan or synergies we could generate from both initiatives.

Does anyone of you already have any contact to the participants in this initiative?

(Christine Zeller) #2

That’s an interesting paper and shows again that striving for seamless mobility is the focus of a number of initiatives. In this case the focus is a worldwide one but the main principles are mainly the same as we have with the action plan. User-centred as first principle has high recognition for us, does it :wink:
I do not know the participants, but perhaps there are some of them interested to exchange experience via the Forum. As the paper is already a year old, might be they have some specific activities or at least plans for pilot/living labs meanwhile.