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Why should I join?


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Are you asking yourself why you should join ETM Forum community? Why engage in this participatory platform?

Well, this is our official disclaimer:

“Sustainability, efficiency and societal demands call for a truly integrated and seamless transport system for people and freight. This can only be achieved if user-centeredness, cross-modality and technology transfer become a focused effort of all stakeholders in transport. The European Transport and Mobility Forum is a platform providing a voice for the users, allowing cross-fertilisation across different transport fields and connecting research priorities to policies and implementation plans.”

Want to know why WE joined the ETM Forum? We asked our first subscribers one by one their personal motivation…here the answers we selected:

:earth_africa: @Erzsebet :triangular_flag_on_post:

Developers and users want that transport vehicles, infrastructures and services are accessible for passengers regardless their age, ability or disability or gender.
The ETM Forum offers a valuable on-line platform to bring together users and developers, to make future transport inclusive through innovation and searching for common solutions to the diverse needs of users. The ETM Forum is also a place where good practices in the field of accessibility as well as co-creation and co-production can be shared. Let us work towards a user-centered transport!

:earth_africa: @RebeccaHueting :triangular_flag_on_post:

I love the idea of a “place” where I can freely discuss about current mobility issues, especially focusing on the user-centric solutions. Having the chance to read and follow posted contents in real-time, participate to consultations activities and learn about new approaches, with continuity and from everywhere…even my own sofa…is a bless! I’ll be also very happy to meet contributors in person when real-life events will be organised, having the chance to follow-up activities and discussions in the interactive workshop framework already experienced in past M4EU events.

:earth_africa: @imrekeseru :triangular_flag_on_post:

The ETM Forum is a place for honest discussion, raising questions, finding answers, learning from best practice as well as failures. We have joined the Forum to contribute and promote the debate about the future of mobility that should not only be technology or profit driven but it should take into account the needs of the users. The ETM Forum provides exactly this platform to connect with users (passengers, citizens, you and me), user organizations and anyone who is working on a user-centered mobility system.

:earth_africa: @hans.thornell :triangular_flag_on_post:

How do I get from A to B? Taking the car is the fastest and most convenient alternative. This will soon be history because of traffic congestions, emission limitations and cost. The alternatives are a combination of rental cars, buses, subway, segways, bikes, scooters, boats, trams and feet. E-Mobility will help us, apps offering route planning and integrated ticketing purchase will open up new opportunities. The ETM Forum will lead you into this new world.

:earth_africa: @anutuo :triangular_flag_on_post:

European transport system is going through several transitions at the same time: electrification, servitization and digitalization, in which automation plays an important role. In order to not forget the needs and preferences of various transport system users within this meta-transition, we need a platform like ETMF, to exchange the best practices and discuss the future plans and developments across member states and internationally.

:earth_africa: @Marcia :triangular_flag_on_post:

The European transport system is facing future challenges from an increasing demand for mobility in an environment of infrastructural capacity constraints, transport mode specific services and a significant environmental footprint from transport operations. The involvement of all transport stakeholders beyond “transport mode borders” is needed to address these challenges. Thus, from our perspective, joining the European Transport and Mobility Forum is a unique opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary exchange on a truly user-centered and cross-modal transport system in Europe in 2030.

:earth_africa: @chriwimue :triangular_flag_on_post:

You look for like-minded people and organizations who also strive for a user-centered, seamless, and sustainable mobility in Europe? You would like to exchange experiences, learn about new ideas and piloted or implemented concepts and find partners to work on new solutions or set up private-public-partnerships? The European Transport and Mobility Forum is the optimal place to connect, to learn, to contribute, and to bring forward the vision of Europe’s mobility ecosystem for people.