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Workshop 1 - Identification of barriers for the design, planning, deployment and operation of an inclusive digital transport system


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On 6th October 2020, the INDIMO project is holding its first workshop on the deployment of digital mobility services. This workshop is the culmination of a series of case studies INDIMO partners have been conducting for the last few months on the process of deployment of digital mobility and logistic services across Europe through desktop research and interviews with key stakeholders. The objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the insights gathered in these case studies with policy makers, operators, developers and user organizations from across Europe. Topics such as the present regulatory framework, and the development and deployment process of digital mobility services will be discussed in the workshop to identify the most important barriers and drivers to the design, planning, deployment and operation of accessible and inclusive digital personalized mobility and logistics services. The outcome will be used to support the development of a digital mobility toolbox in the later stages of the project.

The workshop will be an online 1-day workshop, including the presentation of the lessons learned from the case studies and a discussion session in four thematic groups:

  • ridesharing services,
  • micro-mobility services,
  • multimodal route planning services and
  • smart logistic services.

Participants’ reflections on the lesson learned in the INDIMO case studies and experiences regarding the drivers and barriers in the deployment of the services will be debated. Furthermore the most important drivers and barriers for digital mobility solutions will be prioritised. Finally, the workshop will end with highlighting the main outcomes and future steps in the project.

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New multimodal route planners that combine all public, shared and private options available in a city or region make choosing the suitable route unnecessarily complex . Would you agree?

[1= strongly disagree, 2=moderately disagree, 3=nor agree nor disagree, 4=moderately agree, 5=strongly agree]

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Private sectors, namely innovative car and ride-sharing companies as well as e-scooter providers are becoming important actors in driving the development multi modal transport solutions for each city. Therefore, new governance structures involving both the public and private sectors are needed for the success of such solutions. Is this your opinion, as well?

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Lessons learned from our 1st co-creation online workshop

To get a better impression on how the interactive elements in our 1st co-creation worskhop worked and what we could do better next time, we asked the participants for their feedback in a short online poll.

Firstly – to our pleasure – the overall impression was very good to good. Also the duration of four hours including coffee and lunch break was mostly perceived as just right. The interaction between the participants was also experienced as well. Especially the option to give hand raising signals to get the ability to talk and to ask questions was mentioned as a good solution.

Potential for improvement could be seen in the balance between lectures and interactive sessions. Here, we have a potential for improvement by shorten the presentation part and give more space for the discussions and group works. Furthermore, the issue of language barriers is in an online format very important. Especially because a non-verbal interaction level is lacking in the online format and the barrier to ask the speaker for a repitition is quiet high.

Either way, we gained a lot out of the event. Not only in terms of results for the project, but also in terms of personal experience in the implementation and moderation of interactive online events. The full feedback evaluiation on the online event can be seen by clicking on the link below.
1st WS Feedback ETM Forum.pdf (663.2 KB)

We are very much looking forward to your comments and suggestions for improving elements for online formats, especially with multilingual participants. Please reply directly to this post

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Read a summary about the findings of the first INDIMO stakeholder workshop on the INDIMO Website:

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I think, in the next workshop, all of the people presenting and/or moderating should turn on their cameras so that the audience can look at the slides AND the person speaking. This could help to have a more personal experience.