General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of the delegates appointed by the members of the ETMF (all expert and senior members). Every delegate has one vote in the General Assembly. A delegate who is prevented from participating may send her or his registered alternate to the General Assembly. In this case the alternate has the right to vote in the General Assembly.

Working Groups

Working Groups and Task Forces for specific activities/tasks are opened after approval by General Assembly with the precondition of at least 5 committed members. Final mandate is given by Board. Chairpersons of Working Groups must be effective members.
The members of a Working Groups are widely free to choose their internal structure and processes but must elect a Chairperson. Each member can participate in WGs or Task Forces upon application and approval by the Chairperson. Results which are approved by the Working Group or Task Force Chairperson will be published in the forum website as Working Groups reports.