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[WG 01] Co-creating our future mobility system

Co-creation is the new buzzword to increase public participation in transport planning. Co-creation involves citizens in the data collection to explore problems in their neighbourhoods, co-design alternatives to solve these problems, implements the solutions with the citizens and monitors their impact. This working group will look at how a combination of technology and traditional offline tools can help to increase citizen participation. We will discuss engagement of people in data collection (citizen observatories and smart surveys), best practices and new initiatives in co-creating solutions to mobility problems and the participatory evaluation of these solutions. In addition, we will discuss how face-to-face communication can improve consensus making drawing on the knowledge and experience of their members to propose solutions adapted to their needs and interests.
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[WG 02] Involving users

This working group brings together researchers and developers involved in the design of vehicles and mobility services and representatives of user organizations. They will together discuss benefits of a user-centered approach in the development of tomorrow’s mobility, exchange best practices but also examine barriers and opportunities to overcome them.
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[WG 03] Viable business for seamless transport

In an ideal scenario, the future transport system will allow every citizen to travel seamlessly and easily from any place in Europe to another in a reasonable timespan, and by making use of multiple transport modes, including active modes of transport. Citizens will book a single ticket valid for all segments, though operated by different providers. To achieve such a system, collaboration among all required transport stakeholders is required to develop a multimodal mobility value chain in which each party has a reasonable share. This working group aims to foster this collaboration by discussing and developing required elements such as a new legal framework, the implementation of technologies, and novel business approaches, based on best practices.
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[WG 04] SPROUT OIC-Policy Response to Transition

Policies - New Urban Mobility Solutions (SPROUT Open Innovation Community)

[WG 05] - INDIMO Co-Creation Community

As a main part of the INDIMO co-creation process, the INDIMO Co-creation Community is strongly involved in the development and assessment of the INDIMO Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox. The Co-creation Community consists of user representatives, policy makers, operators as well as software and hardware developers. During a collaboration process containing a set of co-creation workshops, consultations and interviews they provide their expertise to the project outcomes. This ETMF-working group is an integral part of the INDIMO co-creation process. To post replies please join the group here:

[WG 06] INDIMO Communities of Practice

This Category has been created to allow local Communities of practice established in each INDIMO pilot project share contents and engage in online discussions. Being a new category settings and contents will be modified periodically. We thank you for your patience. To post replies please join the group here: