ABOUT THE ETMFORUM In 2017, within the activities of the project Mobility4EU (H2020 CSA), the initiative for building the European Transport and Mobility Forum has been launched. The aim was to sustain the stakeholder network that has come to life during the project and continue to work on the focus issues that have been elaborated within the project. Thus, the ETMForum intends to connect stakeholders to discuss and advocate for user-centric approaches and cross-modal cooperation in transport of passenger and freight. The goal is no less than work together towards the vision for transport in Europe in 2030 and the implementation of the Action Plan 1 developed within Mobility4EU together with a broad stakeholder community. WELCOME KNOWLEDGE BASE - Read me The Statutes define the Purpose, the Rules of Procedure, the Membership Criteria, Finances, Bodies and Intellectual Property rules of the ETM Forum.
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